February: Sow Love

31 wonderful days of 2018 are already behind us. How have they been? What were your experiences with the Best Possible Self? Are you having a clear vision of your dream life now?

It’s February now, and in the next 28 days we want to focus on social connections.

“Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness” (Oliver Wendall Holmes)

To be fully happy in life, we definitely need a deeply rooted social life. Having people around us that understand us, that empathise with us, that support us is what everyone longs for, no matter how old we are.

For the following intervention it does not play a role where or how you live in this very moment. It is not necessary, that you have people around you that you’ve known for a long time. It is all about creating meaningful connecting moments with people you love, as well as with strangers in your daily life.

Three Loving Connections (Fredrickson, 2013)

Instructions: Each day look for three opportunities to connect with others (it could be a relative, friend, colleague, or complete stranger. Each interaction can be with the same person or with three different people). Approach this potential interaction with warmth, respect and good will. Make an effort to stay present and listen with an open heart. Offer your eye contact and (when appropriate) your touch. Share your own light-hearted thoughts and feelings. Each night call to mind your three interactions. Write them down. Rate each of the following statements on a scale of 1 (not true at all) to 7 (very true):

  • During these interactions, I felt “in tune” with the person/s around me.
  • During these interactions, I felt close to the person/s around me.

Fredrickson found that those “micro-moments of love” boost positive emotions, make people tend to live longer and also live healthier lives.
So why not benefitting from this simple way of creating love and happiness?

We are excited for your feedback!
Sending love ♥,




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